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Valley Forge Classical Academy's Marketing Strategy: Attack, Incite, Advance

Valley Forge Classical Academy Charter School uses a pseudonym social media account named "Becky Homeccy" to promote their school... and to promote hate.

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.

If you are just tuning in, Valley Forge Classical Academy (VFCA) is a new charter school that has applied to operate as a taxpayer funded public school. If approved, it would draw tax dollars from WCASD as well as surrounding districts from Chester County. The public hearing scheduled for June 14th marks the end of a window of opportunity in which community members can weigh in on whether the charter should be approved.

There are so many reasons why VFCA is not suitable to operate as a taxpayer-funded public charter school that we’ve been struggling to summarize them. The issues span curriculum, planning, leadership, budget, policies, and more.

But this example of how and where VFCA has promoted their school might sum the situation up better than we ever could:

“Becky Homeccy” is a pseudonym social media account that has been widely used to promote VFCA. We were skeptical that this could be a real account linked to VFCA, because frankly, it is hard to believe an organization seeking taxpayer funding could be so wildly unprofessional. But we’ve done our research and found that Becky Homeccy has directly identified herself as the owner of VFCA’s email address and has widely and publicly promoted the school, even soliciting donations. A VFCA Board member has legitimized the account by interacting with Becky Homeccy in reference to VFCA under his real name.

So yes, this post is an example of how and where VFCA promotes their school. And sadly, it is far from the worst. As you'll see in the image galleries at the bottom of this post, Becky Homeccy has used a three-pronged strategy:

  1. ATTACK the West Chester Area School District (and public schools in general) as centers of indoctrination using misinformation and fearmongering,

  2. INCITE an audience by jumping on the bandwagon and joining in to target teachers, LGBTQ+ individuals, and basically anyone who doesn't align with their agenda and views, with examples ranging from dog-whistles to actual calls for euthanasia,

  3. ADVANCE Valley Forge Classical Academy as the solution: a "no-indoctrination zone" where students will be required to have "traditional" hairstyles, sit at desks "squared to the front," and be trained with a curriculum developed by a conservative Christian college that boasts a well-funded initiative to seed their Classical Academies across the nation.

Attack. Incite. Advance. If Becky Homeccy were opening a private school, we might call this an ingenious brand marketing strategy, especially for a school whose mascot is an armed "Patriot."

But Becky Homeccy is applying to operate a PUBLIC school funded by your tax dollars. A school that is legally required to be open to all students and whose leaders would be duty-bound to administer public funds for the common good of the entire community.

Ask yourself: Are these views compatible with a safe, welcoming, and productive learning environment for ALL students?

Is this the level of professionalism required to administer a public institution charged with educating our children?

Is this where you want your tax dollars to go?

In Pennsylvania, community support (or lack thereof) is a major factor in whether charter schools are approved. You DO have a say. Well-run charter schools can serve an important role in our community, but THIS is not THAT.

The window of opportunity to have your voice heard is small. Community input on VFCA’s charter application needs to occur on or before the charter application hearing scheduled for June 14.

We need to work together. Check out the image gallery for more examples of Becky Homeccy promoting VFCA alongside misinformation and hateful propaganda. Then stay tuned for the following:

  1. Instructions for how you can help oppose VCFA by sending an email in 5 minutes or less.

  2. Further information about the MANY reasons – even beyond Becky Homeccy – why VCFA is simply not suitable as a public charter school.

Gallery 1: Becky Homeccy Representing Valley Forge Classical Academy to the Community

Gallery 2: Becky Homeccy Working to Undermine Public Education and Expressing/Endorsing Negative Viewpoints about Targeted Groups


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